Saturday, June 1, 2013

Juliette's Princess Party

When Juju woke up this morning and asked "Am I three?" I couldn't bring myself to get technical and tell her that she is actually 2 for few more days. She is all girl, so of course she wanted a princess party and I obliged.  I will admit, I do a bit of vicarious living through my little girl. I mean really, who doesn't want to be treated like a princess?

Here are a few of the details from her party:

 Every princess there went Gaga for the Barbie cake which I had done at Dipidee.

They all threw pennies into the wishing well and one of the little girls got very concerned after she threw her penny in before she made her wish! Thankfully we had a few extra, and she tried again.

We sang happy birthday, ate cupcakes and Juliette was completely smothered by gifts. I couldn't even get a decent picture. Most of the girls just opened the gift themselves and handed them to her, but she didn't seem to mind.

I really should have taken a before and after shot of this little crew, there was no denying they had a blast in the bouncy house.

Each girls went home with a wand, crown, stick on earrings and freshly painted paws.
Girl heaven I tell you. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to Gather Fabric using Bakers Twine

Inevitably, when use a basting stitch to gather a full skirt or a large piece of fabric, curse words ensue. At my house anyway.  This is my favorite new way to gather fabric on big projects and since I am sewing 7 girls dresses for a wedding, lets just say it has come in handy. try it, you can thank me later ;)

Here's How:

Cut a piece of baker's twine (or any string) long enough fit around the fabric you need to gather and then some. You want about 4 inches of hangover where you start and also where you finish. 

Set you sewing machine to a zig zag stitch and make the width and length or your stitch long enough to sew over the baker's twine with out actually attaching it to the fabric.  I set mine to a 3 length and a 6 width. 

Hold your string in place and zig zag over it (photo 1) leaving about tail of about 4 inches of string where you start. Don't rush and get it close to the edge.  

It should look something like photo 2 when you're finished and as shown in photo 3 leave another tail where the end. 

Then simply pull the string while pushing the fabric in the opposite direction. It's almost impossible to break the string so you can be as aggressive as you'd like. Once you've sewn your gathered piece to the rest of your project, just pull the string out and save it for next time. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sundays are our best chance at some real downtime with the family. After church we hit up the local playground because it was a warm 45 degrees (yes, you read that right). With the winter we've had here, anything above 40 sounds pretty delightful. I wish we had more time to just be, to just sit and enjoy each other. Alfie and Juju are growing before my eyes and I'm constantly trying to take as many pictures as possible just to remember how beautiful and perfect they are right now. Every baby I see makes my heart flutter just a bit, thinking that I get to have another and enjoy them from the start again. 

So, We played at the park and I pushed Alfie on the swing "but not too high" and Juliette bossed me around and made me go down a tiny twisty slide so many times I felt sick, and I loved every single second. Then to top off a perfect day, we stopped to pick up a couple pallets to make a bed for Juju. A project I've had pinned for a year, but now that baby is coming I've finally got the motivation. I'm sure it has nothing to do with watching too many episodes of West End Salvage on HGTV while I'm up at night not able to sleep. Have you seen that show?

Either way, I'm glad I've finally got my to do list back into play. 

The fabrics used to make Juliette's Dress, Moda's Sophie line:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oh Hello.

Well, Hello there. 
 I've finally stepped foot in my sewing room now that my morning sickness is gone. Did I forget to mention that? Yes, I'm pregnant and now that I'm finally feeling myself again I've been sewing up a storm.   I've recently had the realization as to how much I prefer books to patterns.  I'm not sure if it's because they always seem to have reference guides to techniques that may be new to me, or if they just have much better editing, but I really do love a good sewing book. My latest obsession is Little Girls, Big Style.  She gives fabulous directions on all the patterns and has a great chapter at the beginning that explains custom sewing and measuring for garments. This book is fabulous if you have some sewing experience, but would like to venture more into clothing.  

The only thing I could possibly complain about is that the sizes for her patterns run a bit small, but if you familiarize yourself with how to measure for clothing, then it doesn't really matter because you can make them to fit your little one perfectly. After getting her measurements, I figured out that Juliette wears a size 2 in width and size 3 or 4 in length and I've had fun sewing her these new tops. 

The top left photo was a little shirt I made after learning a little more about customizing, It's a combination of a few of her patterns combined.  I really have had a blast making them, now if I could just get Juju to take off her dress ups and wear them.  

A few of the fabrics I used:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

On Hold

 My house is a bloody mess.  The laundry is piled up to the ceiling and my dishes could use a wash. Oh what's that, Alfie, you want a cookie for breakfast? Why not.  Juju's dressed herself and she's not wearing pants.  I should probably brush her hair or take a picture of some wonderful project I've made, but I haven't made any. Maybe next week.  Instead I'll sit in front of the fire and play house with Juliette and then maybe a game of checkers with Alfredo. This Blog and my House will just have to wait awhile longer,  I've got more important things to tend to. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Wore

I really am loving the cooler weather, but truth be told, my pink hair is totally cramping my fall style. haha.  This week I'm getting rid of it, and back to brunette it is. I'm definitely ready for it,  though, I've loved the funny comments I've gotten from people along the way. :)  Time for a change.

Dress: Local Boutique
Jacket: Vera Wang for Kohls
Belt: Down East Outfitters
Scarf: J. Crew
Pants: Express
Boots: A random cowboy shop in Jackson Hole, WY :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mini Boden Pear Shirt Knockoff

Today I've got another "I could make that" project to share.  Read on to learn how to make your own Mini Boden look alike. 

You will need:
paper or freezer paper
a new or repurposed blank T-shirt
as few or as many colors of felt as you'd like
embroidery floss
scrap of fusible interfacing
basic sewing essentials

Draw or trace a pear shape onto freezer paper (or regular paper) to create a pattern piece.  Cut as many pears are you like out of felt using your pattern piece.  **If you use freezer paper you can iron it directly onto the felt. It will stick and make cutting easier.
(See my tutorial for Freezer Paper Patterns)

Place the pears wear you'd like them on the shirt, then cut a piece of interfacing big enough to cover them. Flip shirt inside out and iron interfacing to wrong side of where you'll be placing your pears.

Pin the pears where you'd like them and use a fabric pencil to draw a stem and leaf on each fruit.  
Use an embroidery needle and embroidery floss (only 3 threads of the strand) to sew a running stitch up the center of each pear and continue along embroidering the stem and the leaf.

I only now realized I forgot to embroider seeds onto them. Perhaps I'll go back and do that, or maybe not ;)