Sunday, August 30, 2009

This may very well be my favorite wall in my house.
These old closet doors (also pass as shutters) Were purchased at a local Thrift shop for $6.00 total. I knocked out the top half of the slats with a hammer and spray painted them "antiqued white" after which I roughed them up a bit with sandpaper, hung them on the wall and filled the empty space with Plates from anthropologie (the most amazing store known to man). It turned out to be the perfect match for the antique piano the previous owner left. (Also, try filling in the space with a magnet board then put old cards and letters in the remaining slats!! Perfect for a small space in your kitchen)


Sophia said...

I love this one! I still need to do this!

Michelle said...

Also a great way to display Christmas cards!

Jamie said...

ok, you need to help me. when can we go shopping for old seemingly crappy items and turn them into awesome home decorations?