Monday, September 14, 2009

I am no Stampin' Up sales lady but I have learned a thing or two about stamping that can be used for projects other than paper.
LIke GlaSs!
If you know how to emboss and you have the equipment then you will love these EASY Projects.

the Top Picture is an ornament I bought at Michael's for 99 cents and stamped it with a halloween stamp in a clear embossing stamp pad (Versamark is a good Brand)
Then Sprinkled it with Black Embossing Powder and tapped the glass a few times to get any excess off
Took the dryer to it (there is a special drying tool for stamping)
You've got to get really close the image with your dryer if you are working with glass because it just doesn't do the trick if you stay back to far, but careful not to burn your Fingies.
The best part is watching the image raise up and look awesome.

I did the exact same thing on the bottom image and bought the glass at the dollar store!


Sophia said...

That is it, my Halloween shiz comes up tomorrow! Love it! Can not wait for Friday.

Jennie B. said...

Annie Jane. I just blogged about this blog. I'M IN LOVE! Good grief. It's been way too long. Let's hang and slang! You need an originate and renovate button I can add to my blog. Cuz it's dang cute.