Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Tradition #1 = 12 nights of books

My tree has already been set up for Almost a month! (I just love Christmas)
After a Crazy busy and not so Spiritual Christmas last year, I decided to get everything done early so I could really enjoy the season. After setting up my tree I began filling it with Christmas Gifts for the big day. I put our new "tradition" under it as well. Here is how it works:
Buy 12 Christmas Children's Books
(this can get pricey so I bought most of mine last year after Christmas)
Wrap them up like little Gifts
starting on December 12th your child opens one every night until Christmas Eve and that is their book to read for bedtime.
Then Wrap them up and use them again next year
Your Little One will be in Heaven!


Jill said...

What a fun tradition! You are wonder MOM!

PS Is it just me,or is that Santa on your blog a little creepy?? I personally don't want HIM to see me when I'm sleeping. lol

Annie @ Originate and Renovate said...

ha ha! he does have some pretty dark circles under his eyes doesn't he?

Michelle said...

That is a great tradition! One of the books you should get is called "A Christmas Dress for Ellen" told by Thomas S. Monson. it is a story about my great grandmother and a story that we read every year. (It might even be in the big red book by Grandma, I am not sure) anyway, check it out!