Friday, February 25, 2011

Cloth Diaper Burp Rag

This is the most simple project of all time but it's still handmade. What could make a better gift? The best thing about this burp cloth is it's made out of a cloth diaper so it's super absorbent (and cute to boot).

Cut a printed fabric 19 inches x 5 inches.
Serge down each end of printed fabric.
Sew the strip of fabric to the middle of the cloth diaper down both long edges.
finish up by serging along each short end of the cloth diaper, cutting off the original stitch.

Make 2 and wrap them in some cross grain ribbon.
Fast, cute and easy baby shower gift.

Don't have a serger?
No worries, simply iron each edge of the printed fabric to the wrong side about 1/4 inch and pin to the center of the Cloth diaper. Sew along all 4 edges and you are done!!
(You can also die the burp cloths to match the fabric you are using. )


Esther Asbury said...

Love them.... gonna have to remember this and make it as a gift later this year!

Unknown said...

Great idea - so much more interesting than a plain diaper!
Thanks for Sharing.