Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Annual Quilt Retreat

I come from a family of quilters (and those that don't are forced to start) so naturally, My mom hosts an annual quilt retreat in St. George.
This was the second year. Last year, My mother made 7 quilts and we had a raffle to choose one to take home (if you've ever made a quilt then you know she's insane)

Our assignment for this year was to make a Medallion quilt. It's a quilt that has a square center and the rest of it is made up of borders, one after the other.
So being the creative woman she is. She assigned us all to make a center for our medallion quilt and then pass it to the sister (or sister in law) Younger than them every six weeks. They add a border and pass it to the gal younger than them. You get the point.

Here are the Final Products:

This one is my Ma's. I just adore this quilt. It's so Happy!
I would love it in my hall of quilts. I had this quilt last so my border is the purple on the very outer edge.

Jamie's quilt is timeless and beautiful. A very tradition quilt that she can pass on to her daughter. I added the rickrack vines with the flowers and pinwheel in the corners.

Jacki's quilt is shabby chic and oh so sweet. If you know her, then you know that this quilt screams her name. I added the border with the blue and white roses fabric. It's supposed to look like a ribbon weaving in and out with a bow on each corner. although it's hard to see in the picture.

Jenny's quilt is whimsical and cheery. I added the second border on this quilt (the fabric after the inner black border). I didn't do any piecing on this, but I just loved the fabric plain, so I went with it.

Jen's quilt is a work of art. She is a family history pro, so this quilt couldn't be more perfect for her. I added the tiny colorful squares as my border.

Lorna's quilt is so young and vibrant. Absolutely perfect for her daughters bed. I LOVE these colors. I added the thin Pink border and the big brown and white polka dots.

and last but certainly not least...

Mine! There are so many words to describe this quilt: unique, funny, bright, amazing, goofy and just plain awesome.
I am so impressed with how this turned out. After making the helmet center, I wasn't sure how the final product would look and to be honest I didn't get my hopes up, but I can't believe the time and creativity that everyone put into these borders!
Thanks Girls!
This is not what I would typically spend my time making, but my Hubbie is a biker extrodinaire and I thought he would love it. I was right. I told him we could hang it in the garage, but he was thoroughly offended since it would get so dusty.
I'm glad he loves it, though I don't think I'll hang it in my entry way any time soon. :)


Jennie B. said...

Andrea Jane. SHUT UP RIGHT NOW!!! Please for the LOVE can I be a Wallace a few times a year so I can learn this amazing talent? OMGosh!!!! What a great way to spend time together! So inspirational.

Brooke said...

What a great idea!!! Trish and I are currently making quilts (same pattern), but I like this idea.

Kristen said...

how freaking fun!! I want to learn to quilt! Can Jennie and I come next year???

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Oh how fun!! I love the idea of the medallion quilts and how everything came together so nicely!

The Baldwin's said...

so fun annie, and you are all amazing at quilting, sheesh!!

Michelle said...

THis is so adorable! I love all of the quilts. Do you sell any of them?

Annie @ Originate and Renovate said...

Thanks everyone! Michelle, Not these ones, we do sell some small baby quilts at our store, but not very often. Glad you like them though :)