Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life's an Hourglass

Have you heard that song by Mindy Gledhill? If you have little boys it will make you cry. 

"Little boy, when you speak
I can't help but kiss your cheeks
I love the way you grab my hands
And tell me all about your plans...

Just like you, I was small
Not that long ago at all.
I wish you all the happiness,
that god gives freely if you ask.

When you reach for the stars,
don't forget who you are
and please don't turn around and grow up way too fast.
Oh, life's an hourglass"

4 years have now funneled from the top of Alfie's hourglass.

We read it all the time on blogs "Where does the time go?", "Can you believe he's already 4 years old?", "I wish my kids would just stay little".  unfortunately, these sentences seem to be cliche' in the blogosphere. But frankly, I don't care.  I really do want to know where the time has gone and I truly can't believe it's been four years since he changed my whole world in the very best way possible.  

There is nothing like a newborn baby, a life that god has trusted you with, to wake you up to the things that REALLY matter.  That is exactly what Alfie did for our little family.  He was and is the reason I am constantly striving to be a better person. I have a very long way to go, but it's nice to have a little motivation. 


The Miller Five said...

Happy Birthday Alfie! What a cutie.

Victoria Paige @ Boutique Uniquely said...

Those sentences are cliche in life in general. When I was pregnant, the thing I heard most was how fast it would go by and to enjoy every moment. I rolled my eyes a lot after the tenth time I heard someone say that.

Now my daughter is almost 7 months old! She is babbling, trying to crawl, and full of personality. I'm so glad I did and do enjoy every moment great or small because you're right, where does the time go?

Happy birthday Alfie! You're mama's big boy now!


Lorna said...

I can't believe what a little Steve head he is! He is getting so big and I love him so much! Tell him Auntie Lolo says hi!

Brooke said...

Wow, 4??? I always remember that I must be the special one for God to love me so much to give me Emma. You have a beautiful family!

Amy said...

You are an amazing person Annie. And your children are ridiculously adorable.