Tuesday, June 21, 2011


World's Best Grandad

You know what's great about Father's Day?
Men have no expectations.  On Mother's Day, I get to be demanding and say things like "You have to change all the diapers today, because it's Mother's Day".  

Once upon a Mother's Day, I asked the hubby what he was getting me as a gift and his response was "You're not my Mother". I then proceeded to list off about 100,000 things I do for him that suggest otherwise. Needless to say, I've never heard that out of his mouth again.

It's funny though, how women want to be validated and appreciated and occasionally praised, because the Father's in my life don't care about that, they're just happy if you don't spend half their paycheck buying them a gift.  The Father's I know have no outrageous demands because it's "Father's Day".

Maybe there is something to the saying "save the Drama for your Momma" because most men don't care for it, and I like that.

Steve loved his gifts and
 the album was a huge hit.    topped off with a

Father's Day Staring Contest

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Tiff said...

Gorgeous post! You are so right... Dads have no cares about what they will get, they are just happy to be with the kids!
Love the tote you made, I will be checking out the pattern! X