Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dangling Rope and Rainbow Bridge

On our most recent trip to Lake Powell we spent the week with my parents and most of my siblings families.   We haven't been down there together for 4 years and though some tried to resist, I made sure we kept our tradition of visiting Dangling Rope Marina and the amazing Rainbow Bridge.

We first stopped by the Marina to see the nasty fish :)

and eat some not-so-nasty ice cream compliments of my Dad

then, as tradition would have it we stopped on our way to Rainbow Bridge for a dip and found this awesome cave

Juju was pretty pooped by the time we actually made it to the arch, so Grandad kindly stayed back in the boat to watch her. After all, "he's seen it a million times" :)

Alfie and Steve got a head start on the little hike up 

Rainbow Bridge is the largest natural arch in the world, so it's kind of incredible

but not as incredible as spending  5 days making memories with family
(wish Juliette was in this one)


elizabeth kartchner said...

Glad you had so much fun!
Too bad we didn't go there when we were there with you guys b/c it looks awesome!


Unknown said...

I can not believe how high the water is. when we went two years ago you couldn't even see the bridge from the dock and with you it is like bam there it is. Amazing I wish we could go down there this year, I don't think the hubby is up for the three hour boat ride. So jealous right now.

Tanya said...

Wish I was there...been a long time, but it's ALWAYS so beautiful there!