Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Alfie

This is one of the only pictures I have of my Grandad, Probably due to the fact that he lives in Scotland.

This is Alfie , the original.
He had his 87th Birthday on Tuesday. If you met him you would NEVER believe it!
He really lives and I love that about him. He still goes out dancing once a week and the ladies line up and wait for their turn to dance with him (He's truly got skills). 
2 years ago when we went to visit he watched "Wee Alfie" for 4 hours and it didn't even phase him, though, his hair was a bit tossled when we arrived back from our adventures. 
My Grandad lived with us for 8 years when I was growing up. I am so grateful for that wonderful experience.  I am so glad he chose to leave his home in Scotland to come and let his grandchildren know him. It makes me feel special. I love him so much and should probably write something about how he's getting older and who knows how much time he has left, but I don't feel that way at all. With his energy, He could out live me :)

Happy Birthday Grandad!


Kristen said...

i totally remember your Gpa! He was so awesome!

Happy birthday to him!

Hikari said...

I remember your Grandad too! I remember when he came to bring you something in elementary school. He started talking to you in the back of the class and everyone went silent because we wanted to hear his accent.

Speaking of 4th grade, I remember when we got in a fight about something and you called me a "Fink" because it was one of our vocabulary words. haha. Love your blog!