Friday, August 5, 2011

San Luis Bispo, California

I love where I live, I really do.
But when I am in California, I understand why there are so many songs written about it.
I truly LOVE it there. 
Mix that with Family and a random wedding on the beach and it equals a seriously awesome weekend.


  Alfie and his cousin, Denzi playing "dogs" on the beach for hours on end

Swinging on the swings in front of the ocean,

and eating Mint Chip flavored ice cream from the old fashioned candy shop that makes their own waffle cones.

This was a trip I was really sad to come home from, but only until I started watching Shark Week. :)
Why do we torture ourselves?

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Annelies said...

We live in San Diego ( equally fun), but try to get to SLO about every other month. I am guessing you found "Quilting Cousins" in Pismo. Always a MUST, along with the ice cream (G)!!!!