Thursday, September 22, 2011


My friend, Sophia, tells me I do things in extremes. I always respond with
 "If you're going to get wet, you might as well go swimming!"

She's right you know, I do get obsessed (no pun intended).

Since being introduced to it by a friend, My latest vice is instagram. It's an iPhone app that allows you to take pictures, then use a filter to make them look cool. It links to all your social networking sites and posts your photos.  

Here are a few things I've caught on Instagram lately

1. Shoes
2. The State Fair
3. Do I look smart, yet?
4. Heaven in a can

5. Girl Seran Wrapped to a pole
6. Shopping with Juju
7. First day of School
8. Bowling with friends

If you have an iPhone, You should definitely download this free app. It's a great way to capture little moments and share them instantly, plus who always wants to lug their camera around?

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Stephanie said...

Seriously? A girl was seran wrapped to a pole? Who does that? Cool pics!

Stephanie said...

Squirt is my families very, very favorite can. Seriously we go through tons of that stuff!

elizabeth kartchner said...

you and me both.

PS why have I not heard the story behind the seran wrap? she was just standing there?

Sophia said...

"What I was curious! Like a cat!" Can't wait to see you and spill my guts about old moccasins and broken hearts. Love you.

kinze said...

i can't wait to have a phone with a good camera .. i think i would capture so many more moments that i miss out on because i don' want to scramble through my purse to find my camera ... only another month or so until my phone plan allows me!