Monday, September 19, 2011


Do you love carnivals and fairs as much as I do?
I'm a visual person and I just adore nostalgic signs and rides and all the booths full of useless junk that I always seem to purchase.
 I especially love the state fair because of the quilts on display, unfortunately, I was too busy boring my husband with quilt info to take any photos.
There are so many amazing quilters in Utah and yet there are very few quilts entered.
I'll admit, I've never even thought of entering anything I've made, but why not? Maybe next year.
Have you ever entered or won something?

The chillins loved seeing all the stinky animals, and I secretly did to. We even saw some geese wearing aprons, and they didn't even seem upset about it. 

Steve always spoils the kids at fairs and they rode lots of fun rides, but Alfie did inform us that next time we come he "wants to go on 7 rides".

Glad we made that quickie trip to the fair that morning, I delayed my drive to vegas for it, and it was well worth it. 

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Jackie said...

OH you must enter a quilt next year!! It is so much fun to see your quilt on display and stand around and easedrop as people comment (people are always nice)...and you get to win ribbons!! I use to enter the Orange County Fair show about 16 years ago! And proud to say I won a couple ribbons!!