Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top Stop

On our Drive to Lake Powell, we blew a tire with in the first hour.  Thank goodness it was right next to a Cracker Barrel.  I always love a good wander through their gift shop.  So while steve was being manly and changing the tire, the kids and I went discovering. 

We found throw-back crayon boxes, harmonicas and even an accordion, Alfie had a hard time giving it up.  I ogled at I love lucy salt and pepper shakers and tasty treats that were popular when my mom was little.  Clove flavored gum, anyone?  

We finally settled on a top and some candy buttons, and we barely had time to play and eat before Steve was finished and we were back on the road.  

I told him I am fine with flat tires, as long as they happen in front of  Cracker Barrel.

1 comment:

Lucy said...

Glad you got on your way safely!
I love spinning tops! My children play with the one that belonged to my mother and her sister :)
It always makes me smile when they have fun with such a simple toy!