Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Endings

It seems a lot of things are coming to an end for us, lately.

  We've come to the end of our summer vacations and spent the weekend in Lake Powell for the last time this year.  Steve had a blast using his GoPro camera, as usual, but was especially stoked because he bought a screen to attach to the back, which brings us to the end of guessing if we are recording in the right position :)

Tomorrow marks the end of Steve's 20's.  But who says you're old at 30? 
He's still got skills, and you can watch this video if you need proof.  

Okay, it's a little long, but if you are patient you will get to see Alfie on the surfboard with Steve and it's to die for cute.  Enjoy.

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Tanya said...

Thanks, Annie! :-)