Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to Bind a Quilt

Measure around the outside of your entire quilt, then calculate how many strips of fabric you will need to make your quilt binding. Example:  This quilt was 200 inches all the way around and my fabric was 44 inches wide so I cut 5 strips of fabric which equals: 220 inches But you'll need those extra inches for corners, so always round up in your measurements.

Your strips should be 2 1/2 inches wide. 

Sew the strips together using  bias seams on each end to create one long piece. Bias seams create less bulk in your finished product. Bias seam shown below:

 Press seams open. 

 Fold the binding strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and raw edges even, press with a warm iron.

You may attach a walking foot to your machine, but I usually don't unless my quilt is really thick.  Beginning in the center at the bottom edge of your quilt, leave 10 inches of binding free from stitching, layer your binding on top of your quilt with raw edges matched up. sew a quarter inch from the raw edges as shown:

To create a mitered corner, stop 1/4 inch from the raw edge at the corner and backstitch a few stitches then remove quilt from your machine. Rotate your quilt to the left (as if you were going to sew a straight stitch down the next edge of your quilt) lift the binding strip up and away from the quilt, this should create 45 degree-angle fold at the corner. Holding it in place fold the binding back onto the quilt to create a fold that is parallel to and even with the quilt edge. Begin stitching right at the corner and down the entire side of the quilt until you reach the next corner. Stop a quarter inch away from the edge and repeat process to miter each corner of your quilt.

 as you come around the last corner of your quilt, stop 10 to 12 inches from where you started stitching.
To join the binding ends:
Lay the raw edge of the beginning-end of  the binding along the quilt raw edge, then lay the remaining end on top. On the top binding strip cut away the extra fabric leaving 2 1/2 in. (this is the width of your binding, and most people recommend this size, but I like mine just barely smaller so I would do 2 1/4 in. ) overlapping the bottom binding strip.

Open both ends of binding and sew them on a bias seam (see beginning of tutorial) while attached to the quilt.
 Refold your binding and finish stitching it to the top of your quilt, back stitch.

You can now fold your binding to the back side of your quilt and hand sew an invisible stitch to finish it.

You can also machine stitch it, but I recommend doing it by hand.  It really doesn't take long and it looks SO much better.  
Please let me know if you have any questions as all.  Happy Quilting!


Jennifer Salter said...

Thanks so much for the great tips! I wish you'd posted this a week ago before I finished my Christmas quilt, but this will DEFINITELY come in handy for my next quilting project :)

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Great tutorial, Chica!

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Thanks Annie - this looks nice and clear and straightforward - I've bookmarked it to help me next time! :)

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I wish I knew all the steps to get to binding... :)

Rolled Up Pretty said...

And I LOVE the choices of fabrics you chose, blue and red are SO cute together!

Shiloh said...

This is so helpful. I have tried a couple quilts, but I always end up cheating on the binding.:( Thank you!

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you make it look toooooo easy!! ;)

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