Sunday, May 6, 2012

Big Girl's Don't Cry

Juliette got her ears pierced this weekend. My sister was in town and I've been hinting to her since, well, since Juju was born to pierce her ears for me. I love babies and earrings, they go together like chocolate milk and cinnamon toast (really though, try it), but I couldn't bring myself to actually witness someone inflicting pain on her.  I went in to sign the papers, then I made like a banana and split. I've never been such a nervous wreck. I didn't even enjoy shopping (now that's saying something)! Lorna called me when she was finished and we met back up. She had a lollipop in each hand and a big fat smile on her face.  She did great and only let out one little whimper while they pierced her ears (and they even had to do one of them twice). Being a girly girl myself, I want to squeeze in every fun girl opportunity with Juliette, because you never know if she'll be my only one.  


Unknown said...

No regrets! She looks lovely. I did it with my daughter when she was 6 months. I am glad I did it because she turned out to be my ONLY girl!! ( mind you- maybe my boys might end up pierced too!)

Tanya said...

My Jaci had no hair, so I did it the same day she got her first shots, at 6 weeks. I figured if she was going to be miserable, I would get it all out of the way. I dosed her with Tylenol after the shots, and headed to the beaty salon. The girl that did them cried harder than the baby, and actually wanted to stop after she had only the first one done. Needless to say, she has both ears pierced, and we never had a bit of problems with her.

Juju looks adorable! Good job Mom, and Aunt Lorna! XOXO