Friday, May 25, 2012

Give me some sugar

1. Alfie's Preschool Graduation, I won't lie, I cried a little. 
2. Dessert for the next 3 months. I am officially off sugar and to keep myself motivated made a bet with a friend, for the next three months, every time one of us eats sugar, we have to pay the other 20 bucks. 
3. I've never seen a duo with a bond as tight as these boys
4.Tinting mason jars, following this tutorial.
5. ruining the jars, by filling them with water.  oops.
6. Birthday gift shopping with Juliette.
7. Alfie spending the quarters he's been saving for months. 
8. This picture looks like it could land me on Nancy Grace, but that gas can is just a toy and he simply fell asleep on the driveway. ha ha.
9. Juju is currently obsessed with the strawberry bag I made from a pattern I bought at Sew Obsessed. Can you imagine, trying to get her dressed, changed and bathed without taking this off?  I can. 


Tanya said...

You know that cherries are one of the fruits that have the HIGHEST sugar count, right? :-) Yes, I'm on Atkins...only someone doing that would know.

Great pictures, Annie - does Alfie start kindergarten next year? Happy Memorial Day - be safe! Tanya

Unknown said...

Great pics! So many adorable moments caught on film. How did he ever find the driveway comfortable enough for sleep? I guess they will sleep anywhere if they are tired enough!!