Sunday, May 13, 2012

Swimming and a Cupcake

I'm not sure if I'd call it a get away because we took our kids with us, but my friend Jenny and I, jumped in her mini van and headed down south this weekend like a couple of Mom's gone wild. haha.

We swam all three days we were there
 and even had time for a girl's night out. We stopped at a sweet little cafe called 25 Main. Those cupcakes were deluxe.
 We hit up the Dinosaur museum and the kids were in heaven, and
Juju learned to balance a spoon on that little ski jump nose of hers
Jenny's daughter, Mya, and I did some late night banner making, she is so cute (really though, I've never met such an obedient, sweet and helpful child in my 28 years)
I was happy to make it home to see my man on Mother's day and he even MADE me some chocolates that were delicious, although I wanted to barf when I saw them because if you're anything like me, then you gorge yourself with sugar and grease when you're on a road trip. He must have missed me though because He took my wedding ring in to be fixed while I was gone and it's been out of commission for quite some time, I'll be ecstatic to get it back.  
 so... yeah, It was a pretty awesome weekend.


Jen Suman said...

Moms gone wild! Ha ha ha! I love it. And I am seriously so sick from all the crap we ate. Good job, Steve on the chocolates!! Thanks again for the good times!

Alesha said...

Hi! I found your blog via Blissful and Domestic where she featured you as one of her favorite fashion bloggers. I am excited to be following along now and to get to know you through your blog!
Alesha <3