Monday, August 20, 2012

American Apparel knock-off: Twist Scarf Tutorial

I've been seeing these scarfs at American Apparel and Modcloth lately. Why didn't I invent these? Really, I mean, all it is is a scarf with a little wire inside.  Voila! One accessory to give you countless looks. Genius. 

To make your own you will need:
  two 33"x 2.5" Strips of fabric  
one 32" piece of floral wire 
Sewing Machine, Thread, blah blah blah

1. Stack fabric strips Right Sides Together and use a rotary cutter to trim ends at a diagonal (or round them like I did).
2. Sew a quarter inch seam around each edge of the strips, leaving a 2" opening in the center of one of the long sides. 
3. Turn the scarf right side out through the opening and press. Press the raw edges of the opening under to hide it. 
4. Put a small piece of duct tape on each end of the floral wire (to prevent it from poking through the fabric) and insert through the opening.
5. Sew 1/8" away from the raw edge to close the opening. and go enjoy your new scarf!


Jenni said...

I had not seen these yet. I'll have to check in with my oldest and see if she's interested. Seems like a good use of leftover fabric.

Cal said...

They seem like fun! Thanks for the idea, will have a go at making one.

girls said...

I love these! I finally broke down a bought one from Urban but it was soo expensive.. next time I am going to make my own! Thanks for sharing!