Thursday, September 17, 2009

Project Laundry Room

If your Laundry room is anything Like mine, it's probably the last place you want to spend time and money decorating. But we spend a lot of time there. so I have started a project. Laundry Room. I will post something new each day until my laundry room is bearable.
here is an old entertaiment center that I bought at D.I. for 15 buckaroos. I began by hammering out the cheap ply wood off the back (ended by kicking it out really)

Painted it the same why I did this.

Then I added some tension rods and made some curtains
this way you can have all your mess behind a curtain

Bolted on an ironing board organizing system (Home Depot)

The little drawer on the bottom, I painted green and put the doggie bed in it. I pull it out when we are alone and close it when guests come over.
One more tension rod for hanging clothes after you iron or to dry.
(if you want to get real fancy you could add some handles to the cupboard as well.)

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Kristen said...

wow! you are betty crocker, martha stewart, and wonderwoman all in one! your laundry room looks great!