Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 2

Day 2 of project Laundry room was quite simple really.

The cabinets are now sporting some new boxes from IKEA (4.99 each) and I can't believe how much they hold.(all our beach towels and bottles of bleach and cleaning rags and there is still room for tons more.) I've thought about appliqueing some cute profiles onto these boxes. I don't know. what do you think?

The second part of day two was a new ironing board cover. I cannot believe how easy this project was. First I found a tutorial on this website, but It was still too much hassle. I decided to take what they did and simplify it.

1. Put your Fabric face down on the ground and put your ironing board on it (upside down of course)

2. cut around the ironing board in the same shape but about 2.5 or 3 inches bigger

3. fold the edges in about an inch and pin them( like you are going to hem, but don't worry about double folding, just one fold will do the trick because you wont see it)
clip if you need to on the curvier edges to make it easier to sew

4. Sew using and big zigzag stitch along the very edge of the fold, leaving an opening for twine to be threaded through.

5. Hook some twine onto a safety pin and thread it though the opening . ( i used the twine from my old white ironing board cover so i didn't have to measure)

I'm not the best at tutorials, and I assume most people know things like "clip" and "thread" so feel free to check out the other sites tutorial, then read mine and it may make more sense.

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Jen said...

I love this! The fabric is so cute and it sounds really simple! I always felt daunted by the thought of sewing a cover for an ironing board, but you just gave my the courage, thanks!