Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pool Ball Cupcakes

Pool Ball Cupcakes are a cinch to make. begin by frosting 10 cupcakes with white frosting.
for the Solid colors just dip cupcake in a shallow bowl of colored sugar (you can buy these at Joann's). The Striped Cupcakes require a little more work but not much. Just put a piece of wax paper on each side of the cupcake , leaving a stripe of exposed frosting in the middle Roll the cupcake in one of your colored sugars then remove the wax paper and roll the sides in white decorators sugar. Use White chocolate melting chips on top and pipe random numbers onto them, but remember black is always 8.

If you want to get really fancy, you can smash two blue starbursts together and indent the top to make it look like pool chalk.

(another charmer from the book Hello, Cupcake!)

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Kristen said...

Ok, you are officially the most creative person ever. i think i'm going to make these for my bf one day.....