Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kimono Style Baby Shoes

I have had this pattern for some time and decided to use up some of my scrap fabrics. It is really really easy to make, but just be sure to read the directions through before you start , it may make it more efficient. Also, I used a fusible fleece to give these more substance, but with how small they are, I wouldn't recommend it, If you want to add something just make it plain old interfacing. These would be even better I had a serger, because the inside seam is really unfinished looking. None-the-less they turned out pretty cute and I will probably put them on my baby when she gets here.
click Here for this pattern.

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Michelle said...

They are adorable! I don't have a serger either, but I have tried the zigzag stitch and I love the way that turns out. You should try it. I also have another cute little shoe pattern if you are interested and I used the minkie fabric with a cotton or flannel and they turned out ADORABLE!