Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quilt Group Show and Tell

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday I go to quilt group. We learn all sorts of new techniques and patterns. the quilt group I belong to is also responsible for most of the quilts that get auctioned at Festival of Trees (all the money gets donated to a children's hospital).
There is a Show and Tell where you get to brag and flaunt all the things you been working on. I've done a TON of sewing projects lately though you'd never know it because they have all gone straight to the store for display. They never even enjoyed one single OHHH or AWWW from an audience. Bummer.

This little outfit is the only lame thing I had to show at quilt group.
(and yes another project made from the Bliss line. It's cute, but Come on! I'm so sick of it I could scream! I bought way too much and am now trying to find ways to get rid of it!)

Here are a couple quilts from other ladies in the group.

This bullseye quilt turned out cute and I'm drooling over the umbrella fabric on the border.

I alway love when people adapt patterns to make them unique. This dresden basket is so original and the Yo Yo flowers are yummy.

oh yes, and look at all these patterns my sister sent up from the shop for me to make.
My mouth is watering.

P.S. sorry about the poor picture quality. I left my camera home and these were taken on my phone :(

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Kristen said...

how fun to be in a quilt group! i wish i had your sewing skills!