Friday, July 29, 2011

Park City

We Spent last weekend in Park City, UT (think Sundance Film Festival). 
It's only an hour away, yet it feels like a whole new world. We invited our good friends, the Kartchner's and Alfie was in heaven. 
 Plus, I always love an adult to talk to. I mean let's be real here I talk to a toddler and a baby all day everyday and most husband's don't talk as much as we'd like them to, do they? (Love you, Honey!)

Before our friends arrived, we were sitting at the pool, and Alfie looked over at me from his lounge chair and said "Mom, Could you do this everyday?" 
It made me laugh, but also think.  I really don't want to do this everyday. I've been traveling so much this summer, and who could complain? but what I want right now is a good month in a row where I get to stay home, and be bored and complain to my husband about it, to which he won't respond enthusiastically enough (see paragraph above).
It seems I'm alway looking for greener grass, but once I get there, I'd like to go back. 
just a couple more months of craziness and then I can relax. Right?


Kristen said...

i think that too about changing my lifestyle, but the grass is greener where you water it!

ps alfie looks SO cute in that pic!

Michelle said...

I agree! It is so hard being at home all day with only toddler talk.

I love the look on Alfie's face. He always seems to have some gleam in his eye. Like he is cooking up some mischief somewhere.