Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pattern Review: Down Home Tote by Sweet Water

One of my favorite things about visiting the shop, is taking classes from Tanya Greb, She is an unbelievable instructor and I always take home little hints and tips. 

I learned how to install Grommets in this class and wow, it was so easy.  She told me if you buy them at home depot, they are much cheaper and WAY better quality (I learned that the hard way).

This Pattern, was super simple to make, but Tanya always changes a few things to make it even easier. The pattern suggested appliquéing on the pieces first, then sewing them onto the batting, but we just did it all in one step. Who doesn't love a short cut?
I also boxed my corners much bigger than the pattern called for, so I could add an insert and turn it into my camera bag. 

I will definitely be making these as gifts,because they were so easy and fun to make. I used this fabric for the center, this fabric for the edges and the turquoise and red fabrics are available at the store front, though the rose fabric is coming VERY soon online. 


Jackie said...

Oh that was an amazing class! I am so happy with my tote!
I love the idea of turning it into a camera bag, I hope you post/share how you do this?? I hate those ugly camera bags! I was so happy to meet you and hear your beautiful voice, good luck Annie!!

Kristy said...

That turned out so beautiful! Love the fabrics!

Tanya said...

You ROCK, Annie...had a great weekend - knock 'em dead in CA...throw that Cat Daddy in, just for good measure! :-)

Beeps said...

Fabulous bag! I'd love to see the pattern (including the dimensions you used to make the camera bag).

Anonymous said...

that turned out super cute!