Monday, August 29, 2011


Tanya (the instructor for Sew Obsessed) has introduced me to Ribbon Work.
Oh my heavens! It's time to bring this art back, ladies! I'm telling you, it makes the most unbelievably gorgeous flowers.
I've only learned one so far, and it's not even with ribbon. (it is a ribbon work technique, though)
I've been adding them to EVERYTHING, and I am now on a headband kick for Juliette

Whatcha think?


The Baldwin's said...

Darling Annie!! I really love it, teach me, C needs one too :) btw I still want to do an iPad case, so when you get around to it post your tutorial! Love your family pics, you have such a gorgeous family! Xo

Tanya said...

I think that is GORGEOUS! I can always count on you for the ooh-aah factor! Let me know when you are coming back, and we will make a trip to The Ribbon Lady's place...we need about two hours...seriously! You will LOVE it! Happy week, Annie!