Thursday, September 1, 2011


About a month ago, I got sick of seeing people posting thing to their blog from "Pinterest" and not knowing what it was.  I googled it.  What would we do without google? 

Anyway, Ever since I got an account, I've been OBSESSED. (Yes, I like that word) I'm really surprised at how many people don't know what it is. I guess I thought I was the only one. 

Here's my explanation of this really clever site.  Pinterest in my eyes is a perfect way to stop putting "bookmarks" on millions of websites that I never revisit.  

It's a site that let's you create virtual pin boards. You create your boards and they look like this:

You can name them whatever you want... Create, Style, Home, Photography... You get the idea.
Then when you find something online that you really want to remember and come back to you "pin" onto the appropriate board. The site creates a link with an image, You now have a bookmark with an image so you won't forget about that awesome project you were dying to do.

You can also view all your pins on one page  and it looks like this

 You can follow your friends and their pins and you can even re-pin what they have found.  You find your friends through the 
Twitter and Facebook tools they have on the Pinterest site.
Each time you log in, you get to see the most recent pins from those you follow. It looks like this:

Pinterest won't let you just go sign up. Kind of silly, but you either get on a waiting list, or you can be invited by a member.  If you'd like to be invited, just comment with your email address and I'll send you an invite this weekend.

Hope that clears things up, and maybe even inspires you to check out this great new hangout.
Happy Pinning!


Wanda said...

I just joined this week. I love it.


~Kristen said...

I have been addicted for about a month!!! It IS so addicting AND....there is an iphone app!!

Happy pinning!! -Kristen (montague)

I'll try to find you on there!

Kristen said...

pinterest is the most awesome thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes I'm in love with pinterest. I have magazing clippings GALORE for things I HOPE to make one day. Now I can just pin them and now where to find them when I'm ready!

Deklan Kelley said... Sounds fun!

The domestic Groove said...

I would love an invitation, if you don't mind. THANK YOU!!

kb said...

I too have hundreds of bookmarks and printouts! Could you invite me?
Thanks -

CatNCart Craft said...

Please, please invite me - I have been wondering what is all about... thank you
catncart.crafts - at -
Thank you

Vanessa Piper said...

invite me please!
thank you)