Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What I Wore: Church

One of the benefits of going to church each week is being able to get dressed up and feel pretty. If you've ever stopped working and had the chance to stay home with kids, then you know why I love this. While it's not my #1 reason for attending, it is nice to buy those dresses you might normally think you'd have no where to wear and I am an avid believer (by the influence of my parents) that if you are going somewhere to worship you should always look your best.  

I Wore:
Dress: Dear Lizzie Boutique
Belt: Vintage
Tights: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden -The Hubby picked them up at Last Chance while he was in AZ.  Have you been there? It pretty much rocks my world.) 


courtneyanne said...

Just had to comment since you mentioned Last Chance! :) I'm from AZ (lived there pretty much my whole life until I married and moved away) and actually worked right down the road from LC. It was a stop on many lunch hours.. and its usually a stop every time we go home to visit. Last time we went to AZ it was my husbands idea to go!
Anyway your post brought a smile to my face this morning and adorable shoes by the way!

CindyC.wannabequilter said...

I am pretty sure that Celisse misses Last Chance more than she misses me. That will be her first stop when she flies in to spend Christmas with us!

shopfreak said...

love the tights with your polka dots..and your husband picked out those shoes on his own? he's a keeper :)