Monday, December 26, 2011

Add Pockets to your Sweat Pants

Now that Christmas is over and I've eaten my body weight in treats, it's probably time to start thinking about New Years resolutions.  If yours is to hit the gym more, then why not add a little swagger to those old sweat pants :)  Here's How:

Cut four 9" x 5" rectangles of fabric
Measure in from the bottom of each rectangle 2.5 inches and mark
then measure up each side from the bottom corners 2 inches and mark
Place a ruler from the bottom center to one of your side markings and cut with a rotary cutter, then repeat on the other side to create a point at the bottom of your rectangles

Place two rectangles, right sides together, and sew 1/4" seam around the perimeter  leaving the top open for turning. Clip the corners to eliminate bulk in your points

Turn your pocket and press with an iron, then fold it in half length-wise and stitch across the top.
Flip the seam with the raw edges to the inside to create a triangle at the top of your pocket and press. 
(see photos below)

Fold the top triangle down and press with an iron,  then repeat all steps with second pocket

Pin finished pockets to your sweat pants and try them on (careful not to poke yourself). Make sure your pockets are where you'd like them.

Hand stitch them in place or zig zag around them with your sewing machine, leaving the top open.

Fabric used:

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Jill said...

Love the fabric Annie! and what a great idea to jazz up sweat pants! Perfect timing too with so many people's new year's resolutions getting them out exercising!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Best wishes for a fabulous New Year 2012!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success