Monday, February 20, 2012

Cooped Up

Being under the weather has made our lives slow down a bit 'round here. Alfie stayed home from school the latter half of last week and I called in a sub for my other job, which left plenty of time to work on a few things...

Like albums to be finished

and others to get started

I patched some holey denim (and there was a LOT of it!)

and did a little decorating

I also embarked on refinishing some furniture, but I'll let you see that when I'm done. *wink

Well, that was fun.. now I'm back to running around like a chicken with it's friggin head cut off. 
xoxo, Annie

P.S. If you are participating in Block of The Month, February's block will be up this friday. Yay! (Maybe that's what I should have been doing...)


Esma said...

Hi Annie! I love your blog!
Even if I cant sew, it is fun to see what you make. Very nice ,very cute items!
Also, I like your family photos, your kids are so cute and growing fast!

Lindsay Frye said...

Super cute projects! You got so much done! Makes me feel like I need to do a couple projects... I'm falling behind in my line!