Sunday, April 1, 2012

on your mark...

It seems to have been a great week for starting projects and not finishing them. ha. 
I suppose it was the nice weather that distracted me.

We did however, get started on the Winnebago revamp, the inside is almost entirely sanded, thanks to steve and I've taken the cushions in to be reupholstered. (I can sew, but I don't do couches!)

and right along that theme, I started an embroidery project using this Sarah Jane pattern, and have yet to pick it up again.

Maybe, that's because I've been working on an Easter dress for Juju and a matching bow tie for Alfie (notice my new iron? It's heaven I tell you)

while this sat on the frame for two weeks just begging to be quilted. Thank goodness, my mother came over to save the day and finish it.

Oh! and for those waiting for the Block of the Month: March, I just finished it and it'll be up tomorrow!

Any remedies for project ADD?

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Kristen said...

what fun projects!