Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I Wore

I've been a bit obsessed with shopping at local boutiques lately, there is one in particular that I've been driving by for a couple years now and have never stopped by.  The shop name is "Our Little Store" and without sounding like a total snob, I didn't like the name, I'm not sure why, but I never went in. Okay, that's sounds really bad. Talk about judging a book by it's cover! I cannot believe all the good finds I picked up at my new favorite shop ;) They aren't online, but I tried talking the owner into it, because I know you all would love her taste. My most sincere apologies for acting like a total brat.

Top: local boutique Our Little Store
Jeans: Joes Jeans
Shoes and Sunglasses: Target
Bracelet and Earrings: Forever 21


Tanya said...

WOW - LOVE the top - LOVE the shoes - LOVE the earrings...and the jeans...and the glasses...and the HAIR!!! Happy Wednesday, Chica! XOXO

Jennie B. said...

Favorite!! So cute, Annie. I want the entire outfit.

Kristen said...

i love your earrings, they're fabulous

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Haha that sounds like something I would do! Glad it turned out to be fabulous. Why oh why do we not have target here?!? Those shoes are just awesome! X