Friday, August 17, 2012

Alfie's "Camping" Birthday Party

I cannot say enough about my wee Alfie.  He is a tender hearted boy, always happy and willing to share with his sister. He loves school and hasn't even started yet! He does chores everyday to earn "school time".  He is the most perfect picture of innocence in my eyes and I thank god everyday for my sweet, happy little boy. Who, by the way was ecstatic about turning 5, and nearly had a break down every time his sister messed up one of his decorations (which she seemed to find especially fun).

 With the camper renovation we've been working on, it feels like Camping is the theme in our lives right now.  It seemed completely natural when Alfie wanted a camping themed birthday party. I was a bit nervous about taking eight 4 and 5 year olds up the canyon, so we made our own "Camp Alfie" right in the backyard.  

Each child sported a canteen, bandana (made with my new favorite fabric)

and a bag to collect things on our "Nature Hunt".

 Alfie still asks for Snakes and Grizzly bears instead of licorice and gummy bears :)

We snacked on Trail Mix,

and the camp fire cupcakes were a huge hit with the kids.

Of course, I made some plain chocolate cupcakes for us boring adults. 

We ate some good grub

and followed it up with a trip to the "Smore's Station", 

Where the kids loaded up their roasting sticks for yet another dessert. ;)

 But that's what parties are for, am I right?

Here's another video from the fabulous Suman Media, enjoy!


Jennie B. said...

Are you kidding me?! Adorable and a little boy's dream! Good job.

Unknown said...

so adorable! i love the snakes & grizzly bears too.

Unknown said...

Too cute!!! Love all the labeled goodies!!!

Terry H said...

You are the best and cutiest mom ever. Alfie and Juju are so lucky!! The party was a blast! Love you

Kristen said...

cutest idea ever! love the details