Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sundays are our best chance at some real downtime with the family. After church we hit up the local playground because it was a warm 45 degrees (yes, you read that right). With the winter we've had here, anything above 40 sounds pretty delightful. I wish we had more time to just be, to just sit and enjoy each other. Alfie and Juju are growing before my eyes and I'm constantly trying to take as many pictures as possible just to remember how beautiful and perfect they are right now. Every baby I see makes my heart flutter just a bit, thinking that I get to have another and enjoy them from the start again. 

So, We played at the park and I pushed Alfie on the swing "but not too high" and Juliette bossed me around and made me go down a tiny twisty slide so many times I felt sick, and I loved every single second. Then to top off a perfect day, we stopped to pick up a couple pallets to make a bed for Juju. A project I've had pinned for a year, but now that baby is coming I've finally got the motivation. I'm sure it has nothing to do with watching too many episodes of West End Salvage on HGTV while I'm up at night not able to sleep. Have you seen that show?

Either way, I'm glad I've finally got my to do list back into play. 

The fabrics used to make Juliette's Dress, Moda's Sophie line:

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